Friday, April 22, 2011

Barbecue Carnita Tacos

Tacos are hard to photograph! Tips?
Happy Friday guys!  I just got back from a grueling spinning class (high resistance for 90% of the class = major leg workout!).  I've been really digging it, though, and going at least 2-3 times a week.  I think it just might be the workout I can live with.  For now, anyway.

I've got the day off today and tomorrow from work (unfortunately I've got to work Easter.  Retail is a bummer.)  So I'm making use of my days off and keeping busy.  I'm cleaning out our bathroom (for one of the smaller rooms in a house, it's a lot of work!) and heading to a movie tonight with my book club girls.  Anybody read Water for Elephants?   It was our first book club book and since the movie comes out tonight, we're all heading out to see it.  Should be fun, and plus, it'll give me something to do because Andy has class until 10 tonight.

So I suppose you guys came here for some food right?  Right.

One of my favorite things to do with leftovers is turn them into tacos!  I mean seriously... it's perfect.  You have your protein already made.  You just have to chop up some vegetables.  Warm up some tortillas.  And bam!  You've got dinner made in less than 30 minutes!

Remember Wednesday's barbecue?  Well, I had a ton of brisket leftover!  So it was obvious what I would be doing with it.  Tacos!  After perusing The Food Addicts' site, I thought I'd follow suit and jazz them up by turning them into a 'healthy' carnita form (no frying here!).

And don't forget to vote in the poll for this week!  I need to make something this weekend, and more than likely it's going to Easter-related!


2-3 cups leftover pulled barbecue (like this recipe here)
Fresh sweet corn (or frozen), cut from the cob - you can cook it first if you like, but I actually like raw corn
1 large tomato, seeded and diced
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
6 soft flour tortillas, warmed
1 cup romaine lettuce, chopped
Salsa and sour cream, optional

Preheat your oven broiler to the "High" setting and place the oven rack towards the top of your oven (if your broiler is in your oven instead of below it.

Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and spread you meat in an even layer.  Broil meat in oven until slightly browned and crisp, about 8 to 10 minutes.  Make sure to flip the meat over to get an even broil on both sides.  Alternatively you could always do the "frying" route to make your carnitas, but we're trying to be somewhat healthy around here so we didn't opt for that.

Once meat is at your desired crispness, assemble your toppings with your desired toppings (we did some fresh tomatoes, cheddar cheese, corn, and lettuce.  Simple and delicious!

See.  Dinner ready in no time flat.  Using leftovers!  So next time you open your fridge and see those leftovers, don't pass them by.  Turn them into tacos and you'll have a delicious meal in minutes!

How about you guys?  How do you use up your leftovers?  How do you fix your tacos?

What sweet treat should I make for Easter?


  1. I loved Water for Elephants and I can't wait for the movie tonight too! Its date night and I hope my bf can live through it!

  2. I did not like the Water for Elephant book; I think the movie should be much better, though. Class until 10 on a friday is terrible!

  3. Tempting recipe.. Like the idea of using leftovers..
    Bhalo Khabo

  4. Wow! lovely tacos recipe and u make so perfect with leftovers.....

  5. Your tacos look great! Better than Chipotle's!

  6. Love your tacos they look fantastic. Diane

  7. Your tacos look amazing (and easy!). Taco salad may be my favorite meal. Ever.

  8. You always make your tacos look like not a leftover. It's good idea that you broil the brisket instead of microwave it (it's a little tiny work but makes a huge difference at the end). Have a great weekend and look forward to your post next week!

  9. I love tacos, and yours looks great. I was just thinking about tacos. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Easter,


  10. I LOVE cycling. That was my exercise of choice when getting in shape for my wedding last summer. I can only go once a week now, but hope to do it more often once summer hits!
    I love the leftovers taco idea! I usually throw everything into a pasta.

  11. Oh boy, tacos for leftovers! It never occurs to me at the time: I always just end up eating leftovers plain, as-is, out of a Tupperware hunched over the sink. Now I can spice things up just by putting them in a delicious warm tortilla and spooning some cheese and hot sauce on them!

    Dang, girl -- thanks for the great tip!

    (I love spinning, too -- it's my favorite cross-training workout, though I'm pretty new and not sure I'm super good at it yet. My gym has one really great teacher; Thursday mornings are the highlight of my week.)

  12. This tacos are best you can get from any Mexican restaurant. Love way you make use of left overs.

  13. Tacos recipes with leftovers look yum and delish...

  14. Your tacos look great, and it's wonderful that you used leftovers to make them! :) How do I use leftovers? Well, I make pastas or soups with them usually.

    What dessert should you make for Easter? Cookies...iced and decorated. :)

  15. Great dish with leftovers, so colorful and tempting!

  16. I have a love/hate relationship with spinning. SOmetimes I'm really excited to go to class and other times it's the last thing on earth I want to do. Weird.

    These carnitas look absolutely delicious! Perfectly tender pull-apart meat!

  17. Oh yum...Your tacos look amazing! Your photos are beautiful!!

  18. Happy Easter! Tacos look great...

    I've read Water for Elephants and can't wait for the movie (hopefully I'll go).

    I don't do well with leftovers...they usually go to waste in my house. I shouldn't admit that but it's true.

  19. Hi Peggy

    Your tacos looks so lovely. I just want to grab one. Nice photos!

  20. I worked retail for 8 years through high school and college, my time was so long ago though, that we always had Easter, Thanksgiving, New Years and Christmas off. I was lucky enough to get double time when working on Sundays and on Labor and Memorial Day.
    Good job on the spin class! I really need to do that. And another good job on these tacos! A wonderful use of some leftover pork. Love 'em!

  21. Your tacos sound phenomenal! And I can't believe I wasn't an official follower...that has been remedied :)

  22. Those tacos look really fresh and colourful! Hope your movie was fun :)

  23. These look so yummy...I love tacos..and I'm interested to hear what you thought of that movie. We read the book a couple of years ago. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a blessed day tomorrow. I'm here with my love and my family, and I'm so thankful for the hope that comes on Easter morning. Take care!

  24. Love those tacos! Look so fresh, healthy and tempting!

  25. I have to work today too! Happy Easter! :)

  26. Hi Peggy, thanks for visiting my blog. Wishing you a blessed Easter. Wow, you are a pharmacy tech and a gastronomist!! Your food all looks so fresh, wonderful pictures of it! Did you name your dog after Frank Zappa? Hmmm...maybe there is a resemblance!

  27. Taco recipes with leftovers are always happening around my house... I loved some brisket tacos we made recently!

  28. These look so good. What a great way to use up some left overs!

  29. Hi Peggy
    First time here and I liked it.You might wonder what a doctor is doing in a cookery blog.The truth is that I love cooking and cookery books. I can spend time looking at those wonderful pictures and the way they cook in cookery shows.
    Happy cooking and blogging! Did your fiancé like this one? Then it must be good!

  30. These look great- the tasty, fresh, light antidote to some serious over-indulgence Easter eating...well, until the next egg is cracked open that is!


  31. So colorful n flavorful- loved the taos!

    US Masala



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