Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's My Way or the Highway

So, I've officially got 381 days until the big wedding day.  Let's go over the things that we have set in stone, i.e. practically paid for.

- Wedding Dress
- Venue - the Green Building
- Photographer - Adam Dehaven

Yup.  Short list right?

Now.  I've got ideas, things that need to be set in motion.  Things like:

- Caterer (732 Social, hopefully)
- Ice Cream Bar - Comfy Cow
- Beer/Wine Service - no clue on this one - anybody in the Louisville area?  Help a sister out, eh?

And then there's the minute details like wedding bouquets.

Yes.  Wedding bouquets.  This has been a hot topic of conversation lately amongst my friends and coworkers.

I do not like flowers.  Yes, I'm a very unique woman.  I don't like receiving flowers, buying flowers, etc.  So why would I want a flower bouquet for my wedding?  I don't - and some people just don't understand this.

So, being the unique person I am, I brainstormed other ideas of what I could carry down the aisle.  And seriously, this couldn't be more obvious.  A fruit/vegetable bouquet.  I love food.  So why not incorporate that into my bouquet? 

This did not go over well with people.  I don't know if I didn't explain it properly or if they just thought it was an outrageous idea, but I definitely got some crazy, you-need-to-go-sit-in-the-corner-and-think-about-what-you-just-said-to-us looks.  I just want to know, why is that such a crazy idea???

Anyway, so I figured I'd do a Google search to see if this existed (of course it had to!) and found some good representations of what I'm envisioning here.

I like this one the best; Source

My sister likes this one the best; Source


Unique right?  That's what I'm going for.  And while my final bouquet won't be an exact representation of those pictures, it'll be somewhere along the lines of that.  Do you guys think this is a good idea?  Or are you with the majority here and think that I'm crazy?  (Trust me, my feelings won't be hurt either way - it's my wedding, in the end, I'll do what I want)

And my sister sent me a link to this idea for boutonnieres - I think it's cute!


So let me have it!  Am I crazy or unique?


  1. LOVE the idea of a fruit/veggie bouquet! Our centerpieces were green apples (limes got voted out at the last minute. womp womp!) and I love your genius idea!

    you got the hard stuff done! Go Peggy! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Ice cream social!!!!!!!!!! How FUN - can't believe it's coming so quickly!

  3. I LOVE the idea, and besides, its YOUR wedding, so carry whatever YOU want :)

  4. I LOVE the apple bouquet! I say do what you want... it's your wedding and it is better than saying, I wish I would have done this. I went with my wishes and am SO happy I did. There are a few things I would have changed, but I would definitely advocate for following your desires. If you don't like flowers, don't use them. You'll just hate them more at the wedding, or in all the photos you look back at!

  5. Hi Peggy - well officially I haven't told you yet... so Congratulations!!!!!! How exciting! Knowing you from the past few weeks, your wedding is going to be so perfect. I love apple bouquet! The red and green colors just brings nice contrast to your wedding gown. How exciting... I love attending wedding, I love wedding pictures, I love hearing all about wedding. It makes me happy and it reminded me of my own wedding... Hope to hear updates on your wedding prepraration once in a while. =D

  6. Congrats dear! Enjoy the preparation in the fullest. Do what you like the best. I like apples idea....how about pomegranates? But be careful with all fruits....the juices should not leak , as they may cause stains in clothes.

  7. You are unique! In a good way.

  8. I don't like flowers either and (thanks to you)I'm very happy I'm not alone :)
    I like the boutonniere a lot, it's really cute!
    I'm sure you'll find the perfect bouquet for you!

  9. Congrats Peggy!!! I like the apple bouquet...it's good to be unique isn't it? all the best for your wedding preparations.

  10. Hey Peggy, u're getting married?? OMG, congrats! What a brilliant & unique idea to have a "veggie" theme. I love the cauliflower bouquet! All the best :)

    Oh, Luxury Haven is conducting her 2nd Giveaway, open to all regardless of when u reside :) Be sure to support & join in the fun @ Mother’s Day Handmade Accessories Giveaway!

  11. What a brilliant idea. I love the apple bouquet it is stunning. You seem to be well ahead with your planning. Good luck and hope all goes as planned. Take care Diane

  12. No, you are not crazy. And yes, it is your wedding so you do what you want! The thing I find amazing is that you are already organizing so far ahead of time. Good for you! I think I didn't even know yet that I was getting married a year before our set date. I do admit they were a crazy few months, but I don't know if I would be patient enough to wait that long...

  13. Peggy I love to come here; you say and do it the way it is! Great concept; a vegetable bouquet. Be prepared it will the talk to the wedding world as well as the town. Enjoy those 381 days; after that it just gets better;I know, I have been married to my man almost 48 years.

  14. I love it - totally you and totally tasteful (get it?)

  15. How exciting!! I love the apple one best too! So cute :) The carrot boutonniere is such a great idea!

  16. What fun times- Congrats n enjoy!
    I loved the pretty apple bouquet!

    US Masala

  17. Love the berry one. Nice idea to combine fruit and veggies .

  18. I think that's a fun idea! It's funny, I just had a bunch of rapini the other day and thought it would make a beautiful component to a bridal bouquet! And this was before reading your post, haha. Good luck with the rest of the planning :)

  19. I love the apple bouquet.. nice post

  20. I don't like flowers either---and I think the fruit/veggie bouquets are beautiful!



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