Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time Out...

Okay.  Got home late from book club (which was another success by the way).

We read A Thousand Splendid Suns.  It was a pretty good book, definitely emotional, but good. 

Our next book for May is Ender's Game.  We're switching it up to a little sci-fi this month, so should be interesting to see how everyone takes it.

Anybody read either of these books?  What'd you think?

Anyway, sorry about the short post.  I'm uber exhausted.  But tomorrow is Friday!  And you all know how much I love Friday.  Be back in the morning for something tasty!


  1. I've read Ender's Game, but not the other one. Ender's Game is an interesting book, I'm not really into sci-fi. We read it in my high school English class, so it's been over a decade since I've read it. I do remember a bit about it, especially the end which took me by surprise but not others who were more into analyzing the books... I'm not going to get into it as I wouldn't want to ruin the ending for you ;). I think it is a great book for discussion and such so having it for book club is a great idea.

  2. Okay.. sadly I must admit I don't read books, I do kindle, and even then, those are manuals.. eeek

  3. I have not read either of these books. Looking forward to tomorrows post :-) Diane



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