Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pure Frustration...

I could just kick myself in the face right now.  Of course, I'm not going to, so don't worry.  But I'm just so mad.  So mad at myself.  Why, you ask?  Well, because once again, my 2nd guessing of myself lead to me not getting an ideal grade on a recent Developmental Biology exam I just took.  We got to review our exams this morning and 10... I repeat, TEN!  10 answers that I had marked out and changed... were correct in the first place.  That's practically a whole letter grade improvement. 

So many pictures... so many words.  AND THIS IS JUST 1 SLIDE!
And it's not just this test.  Almost every exam I've taken in the class this semester has been like that.  I erase and change an answer... and turns out, the first answer I chose was right all along.  The only test I managed to swing a high B on was the one where I didn't change anything!  Why can't I just learn and go with my gut feeling, which usually is right?  Damnit!

Okay... now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm all better now.  Sometimes it just helps to vent.  And sometimes the venting and the frustration leads you to be more determined to succeed the next time.  Well... I've only got 2 more "next times".  So I'm trying to make them count.  I'm starting with telling myself to not change an answer after I've written it down, unless I 110% know it's incorrect.  I'm going with my gut.

What about you guys?  What frustrates you?  How do you deal with stress?

And speaking of my gut... this segue ways into the fact that today I started going back to the gym.  Not that I think I need to lose weight or anything, I do, but not much... just need to tone up and stay fit during the winter.  And well... I figure not going to the gym since May, and still paying my membership dues during all that time... well, that was ridiculous.  I either had to cancel my membership or start going to the gym again.  And obviously I chose the latter.  And thank goodness I did, because just being on that treadmill for 30 minutes definitely let me let off some steam.  The little I had left... well, I just vented that to you.

So this was kind of a sporatic and whiny post, so I figured that I would leave you with some cute pictures that I've taken recently.  I hope they make you smile!

Squirrels with nuts.  Cute, eh?

Our Halloween pumpkin... kind of creepy in a non-focused kind of way

Majorly creepy pumpkin.
Seriously... Zappa is one cute dog.  He thinks he can just sleep on our bed like a person.

 See you guys tomorrow for a new recipe!


  1. My hour on the treadmill is so therapeutic! It clears my head and burns off all that extra steam I have. Problems even get solved. I'm sorry about your exam - and can definitely understand your frustration.

  2. I've been there with the exams and everything. I can remember so many times, so many mistakes. It happens, just learn from it and move on. Don't waste too much energy and sentiment on it.

  3. don't sweat it honey... you're clearly talented... so screw them all!.... anyhoo... very cute picture of the dog...

  4. I remember such frustration very well. Best of luck with the additional "next times!" To relieve stress I run or take a hot yoga class. Both work wonders.

  5. Zappa is a cute dog!!:) I decided to make a change and cook something for my dog, Tarchin and post it this weekend! They deserve something special just for sleeping like that :)

    I don't know how to deal with the stress, that is the problem I have. It eats me up alive...
    Good luck with the next exams! Go with your gut! Sometimes, I just have to hand it over even if I have time to go over the answers.

  6. Oh girl, I feel your pain. Taking those tests can be such a stress. Just remember that you are so much more than a letter grade. You are a beautiful, talented woman who has a passion and zeal for life. When I get stressed, I bake, read and write. And of course spend time with Ryan. I will be thinking of you over these next few weeks of final exams!

  7. hope you feel better and things will calm down
    pictures look good



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