Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stop and smell the...

Can you believe Andy picked these out?  They really add some happiness to our front porch!

... pansies.

Sometimes life gets a little busy.  Most of the time when it's busy, it also ends up being quite stressful.

I've been so caught up in a whirl wind of wedding planning, life decisions, and work, that it's sometimes hard to just be able to take a deep breath and smell the flowers.

So I'm taking today to do just that.  One full day of (trying, anyway) being stress and care free.

Be back tomorrow with something delicious =)


  1. Peter and I are planning our wedding for just over 2 weeks from now. In our case it's not complicated. We'll go to the courthouse (he already got the license) and be joined there by 4 friends. Then an hour or so later another friend will host a small lunch reception. I wish you well. And I did smell the roses in our backyard last week.

  2. You are right, flowers makes you happy.

  3. Good! You should take a day to just relax. :) Those flowers are really pretty, my grandma used to love pansies. :)

  4. These are lovely indeed. Flowers make me smile too :)

  5. Good to stop and small the flowers occasionally, wish I could send you my rose it has a magical perfume. Diane

  6. I think it's SO important to do that every once in a while and it's exactly then when you notice all the little details around you. Hope you had a lovely day!

  7. ahhh i love to notice the little beauties in life - esp. flowers. they always make me smile. thanks for the blog visit! :)



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