Friday, September 25, 2009


I must say, this week has been a little bit better than last. Not as busy, and not as stressful. Although my Organic Chemistry test kind of pissed me off. I got a C, borderline B- and it was all mistakes I could have avoided if I just read the damn question properly. Oh well, you live and learn. I have 3 lab reports and a Physics test all on Monday so it should be a joy this weekend I'm sure. Anyway, enough ranting... on to the links!

BDubs Recipes
- If you're like me and Andy, you love football. What goes great with football? A cold beer and some bdubs wings! But why pay the $5 or $6 for a bottle of your favorite sauce when you could make your own? Exactly.

30 Minutes or Less - Ever been in a bind to make something? Not enough time? Not enough energy? Well, instead of driving down to Taco Bell, check out this site which offers over 100 quick and easy meals... not to mention, they're on the healthy side too!

- Yeah, maybe Hershey's is just Americanized fine chocolate... but it reminds me of childhood and it tastes pretty dang good. Great uses and recipes for chocolate here.

Encyclopedia of Spices - Ever want to know what Zedoary is? Or where to get Harissa? Well, find anything out about the majority of spices out there, it's pretty much here.

Pasta Pie
- This is definitely awesome. Will make this soon and eat every last bit because it looks amazing.

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