Saturday, September 12, 2009


So yeah, I understand that with my first links post a couple weeks ago, I did say every other Friday... and now it's Saturday. But to my defense, this week has been utterly hellish. Food is the only thing that is keeping me going, so I apologize for the lateness, and on to the links!

Basic Marinara Sauce - This is just a very simple, easy marinara. I like it because it's just the base so you can pretty much add anything you want and have it come out to your personal liking!

Skull Wedding Cakes
- Creepy or cool? Very unique, that's for sure!

20 Food Inventions We Could Have Done Without
- Goes through a list of certainly odd concoctions that have hit the grocery store shelves... I must say, some of the stuff, like candy cigarettes, aerosol cheese, and oscar meyer cheesedogs, were some of my favorite things as a child!

Food Myths
- runs down a few misconceptions in the kitchen... my personal favorite on the list "don't salt your meat before cooking"... seriously??? People really thought that? wtf.

Temple of Thai - If you're like me and you LOVE Thai or any other ethnic food, this site it for you. Pretty much every That recipe known to man is on this list.

Well, I'm crossing my fingers that since it's going to be a new week, it will be a new attitude. And don't forget to get your flu shots! Enjoy!

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