Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Horizons...

I know.  It's late.  And I'm exhausted. 

But I decided to play hookie today and go out for a beer (or two) with some friends.  It was well worth it.  But I'm quite exhausted.  Good thing tomorrow is Friday!

P.S.  A friend of mine is asking me to make a few dozen Hamantaschen for the upcoming Jewish holiday Purim.  I'm not too familiar with the little pastry treat, but have done a little bit of research on them.  If anyone knows of a good recipe, please feel free to let me know!  Thanks in advance!

Now, seriously.  I need to hit the hay.  See you tomorrow for something delicious!


  1. Hi Peggy! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog! I'm very interested in the KY Food Bloggers group...just let me know what I can do to get involved.

  2. Good night, Peggy... and happy Friday! :)

  3. Hope you slept well. TGIF Diane

  4. Sorry, no recipe for Hamantaschen but this reminds me that my Mother in law has a fabulous recipe for kugel that I've been meaning to get off of her.

  5. aww hope you slept okay dear :) glad found your blog! xo

  6. Sorry Peggy, I have never made Hamantaschen, so I can't offer you a recipe. But I am looking forward to "something delicious"! :-)



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