Friday, March 11, 2011

Donuts & Chocolate Malt Milkshakes

Remember when I said there were 3 winners for the last poll?  And I said I would post them all?  Yeah, I got a little busy with slurries of Making A Blog Video, Celebrating Andy's new job, and just life in general.  So you guys get a double feature today with the other 2 winners (the 1st one was the Samoas!).

Now some might argue that Donuts and Chocolate Milkshakes don't go together, but I beg to differ.  Most people drink milk with donuts, right?  I know we do, at least.  So why not amp up the milk and add some ice cream and have yourself a milkshake?  Sounds pretty darn compatible to me!  Hehe.  Either way, both of these recipes are winners, whether you keep them separate or share them together!

Hope you guys have a really awesome weekend!  I know we will... starting with tonight's dinner at The Village Anchor!  And don't forget to vote in the new poll... I'm in an ice cream mood!


Adapted from My Kitchen Snippet's Recipe

1 & 1/2 cups flour
1 tablespoon sugar
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon active dry yeast
1/2 cup milk
1 tablespoon unsalted butter, softened
2 cups vegetable oil, for frying
powdered sugar, optional

In a medium bowl, combine flour, sugar, salt, and yeast.  Combine well.

Slowly pour in the milk and mix until a sticky dough is formed.  Then incorporate softened butter into the dough.

Knead dough on a lightly floured surface for a couple of minutes until it is smooth and elastic.  Place in a clean, greased bowl and cover with a warm kitchen towel until slightly risen, about 1 hour.  My dough didn't rise that much, or well... I was a little antsy and didn't want to wait that long for it to double.  You can let it rise longer if you want, but my finished product turned out pretty delicious, so if you're impatient like me, then this is fine.

Pull off small pieces of dough and form small 1 inch round balls.  Place on parchment-lined baking sheet.  Cover with warm kitchen towel and allow to slightly rise for 1 more hour.

In a large cast iron skillet, heat 2 cups of vegetable oil under medium high heat.  You'll know when the oil is ready when you can add a small piece of dough and it sizzles.

Add dough balls in batches (I did about 5 per batch) and fry for about 1-2 minutes per side, or until donuts are golden brown on both sides.

Transfer cooked donuts to paper-towel lined bowl to cool slightly.

When all donuts are complete, take a paper bag (or you can place them in a large bowl to toss) and add donuts to bag.  Pour desired amount of powdered sugar in bag and close.  Shake until you coat the donuts all over.

I loved how the powdered sugar sort of melted on the still-warm donuts.  It was perfect.  They were very reminiscent of a funnel cake in donut form.  And we all know how much I love funnel cakes.  Next time I may try filling these babies with jelly or chocolate cream or something delicious!

Chocolate Malt Milkshakes:
Adapted from Smells Like Home's Recipe

Chocolate Malt Sauce:

1/3 cup heavy whipping cream
3 tablespoons light corn syrup
2 tablespoons chocolate malt Ovaltine
2 tbsp dark brown sugar
pinch of salt
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For milkshakes (makes 2 - perfect for when your fiance refuses to share):

1 pint chocolate ice cream
5 tablespoons chocolate malt sauce
2/3 cup milk

Whipped Cream:

1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon clear vanilla

For the chocolate malt sauce, add cream, corn syrup, Ovaltine, brown sugar, salt, and 3/4 cup of chocolate chips to a small saucepan under medium heat.  Bring to a boil and stir until chocolate has melted.  Turn heat down to low and let simmer for about 5 minutes.

Remove from the heat and stir in the butter, vanilla, and remaining 1/4 cup of chocolate chips.  Let the sauce cool for about 10 minutes.

To store extra sauce, cool the sauce completely and refrigerate in an airtight container for up to 5 days.  Reheat in a microwave or over low heat on the stovetop.

For each milkshake, I added 1/2 the ice cream, desired amount of chocolate sauce, and milk to a cocktail shaker and used my immersion blender to blend it up until smooth.

Drizzle some chocolate sauce on the inside portion of some chilled glasses (we got a little messy with this) if you want and pour blended shakes into each glass.

Quickly whip up some fresh whipped cream (or use some pre-made - I won't judge!) by whisking heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla together in a bowl until soft peaks form.  Top each shake with the cream and get ready to fully indulge in a glass of happiness.

I could see Andy's permanent smile just glow on his face as he ate this.  He loved every bite and even tried to sneak a bit of mine after he finished with his!

So yeah, lots of good treats that can prep you guys for some good times this weekend!  And I just realized a genius idea for the remaining chocolate sauce (because yes, you will have leftover chocolate sauce unless you just load your milkshakes with it!) - it would be perfect drizzled over those donuts or inside as a gluttonous filling!  See... I told you milkshakes and donuts go well together!  Don't forget to vote in the poll!

I want ice cream.  And ice cream sundae, to be exact.  So help me decide what flavor ice cream to use and I'll surprise you with a delicious sundae!!  Have a great weekend guys!


  1. Wow that looks so tempting... Love the Chocolate Malt milkshakes... They look creamy and rich...

  2. Donuts and chocolate malt milk shakes looks delicious. especially i like the presentation of chocolate in the glass. Look like lot of things going on there.

  3. WOW! You are in a rich creamy mood. this would make my grandchildren in a Hppy zone for the whole weekend.
    Have a good one.

  4. Um...yes please. You are totally right, milkshakes and donuts do go together! I'm going to have to try this AFTER spring break!

  5. I don't see why these two wouldn't go together. Lots to celebrate, and what a way to do it.

  6. Bravo, absolutely perfect.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend ♥

  7. Looks awesome! I want everything on this page :)

    I love how you do the polls!

  8. Oh wow, yum and yum! I'd love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight at

  9. oooh donuts! I haven't had one in almost a year! But ohmygosh i'm going to have a donut-a-thon one of these days =) hehe

    looks GREAT!

  10. The donuts and milkshake both sound so good!

  11. I would like to know who doesn't think doughnuts and chocolate milkshakes don't go together...I'll have theirs! :-)

  12. Can I move in with you? I wouldn't mind waking up to some fresh donuts :)

  13. I always get so excited when I visit in time to vote :-) And I think doughnuts and milkshakes go PERFECTLY together. Thank you for making my weekend a little bit sweeter!

  14. Doughnuts and milkshake is a lethal combination. That's why I love it!

  15. I say donuts and milkshakes couldn't be more of a match made in heaven! And both here look beautiful. I really need to start incorporating more of both of these into my daily life. I think they would make me much happier.

  16. So much lovely, I would be much happier if I could hav it on my dining table!

  17. Thanks for trying this out. Love the combo of donuts and milkshakes. How sinful is that :)

  18. chocolate and chocolate. I can live with that! YUMM!

  19. delicious doughnuts and milkshake fabulous combination

  20. Wow... These look so yummy!! I just finished breakfast, but I can eat these delicious doughnuts! I'll look forward to coming back to check your site. I'm glad you have a facebook page so I won't miss your recipe. Please like mine? It's really nice to be connected!

  21. I love doughnuts but I have to confess i have got into baked doughnuts lately and they really are very good. Not that they are much healthier because you dip them in butter and roll them in sugar as soon as they come out of the oven......arrggg I now have a doughnut craving

  22. The milkshake is in time for the warming temperatures :)

  23. For me the two together please. I love donuts and milkshake.
    Great choise.

  24. Chocolate malt is one of my all-time favorites! And your donuts look extremely professional!! :)

  25. I've never made my own donuts, but my husband would love it if I did. It sounds like it's completely doable. Your malt has started a major craving for me. That's my number one fave ice cream treat!

  26. wow, just loved the fresh donuts. I will surely try this recipe for my little one !

  27. Oh, boy, both the donuts and milkshake look marvelous!!! I really need to try to make donuts at home :)

  28. The donuts look so scrumptious and would be so perfect with the decadent malt milkshake, yum!

  29. I don't know what people are thinking when they say they don't go well together! I am glad you did not listen to them:)

  30. aaargh. You are making my detoxing very difficult.

    So so good.

  31. looks sinfully great! especially the milkshake- awesome peggy! you have a new follower to your blog now :)

  32. Thank you for the recipe for chocolate malt sauce, I love it, cannot buy it here and had no idea I could make it at home. Yaaay!

  33. I would definitely definitely pair the two together! It would be worth the day (or maybe two) fast just to eat (and) drink them!

  34. youre my hero for making these two amazing creations!

  35. yes...they are definitely meant for each other...

  36. Whoa sweetness overload. Just what I need right now.

  37. Yum! Your food looks so good! I was wondering how you get awesome lighting on your shots? Do you have any tips?

  38. I'm featuring your recipe today in my weekly showcase. Thanks so much for sharing it!



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