Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And the Giveaway Winner is...

Danielle from The Knapp Family!

You should have an e-mail with the $50 CSN giftcode that you can use at any of the many CSN websites!  Congrats Danielle!

In other news... I purchased my wedding dress this morning!  Definitely exciting that things are coming together.  Of course, I can't really post it on here, because Andy might see it, so you guys will just have to wait in anticipation, just like he has to!

Have a great Tuesday guys and be back tomorrow for some awesomeness!


  1. congrats to the winner
    Peggy hope all is well in your end regards Akheela

  2. That's so exciting about the dress, Peggy! :-) When is your wedding?

  3. Congrats on getting the dress!

  4. congrats the winner. Exciting news that you got wedding dress, sure wait for the d-day

  5. Very excited I won...and how exciting you purchased your wedding dress today! Congrats to us both :)



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