Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis the Season for Lights!

Andy is funny.  He's normally a laid back, care-free kind of fellow that just goes with the flow.  Almost always.  Except when it comes to the subject of outdoor Christmas lights.  He's downright anal. 

Now, I like looking at Christmas lights.  Spending endless hours driving around town looking for the house that has that Clark Griswald effect.  You know, the houses with electric bills that sum up to a whole year's worth in just a few weeks?  Yeah, those are cool.

This is a little too much for me, but would be perfect for Andy. (Source)

But Andy.  Andy acts like he's a Christmas light critic for the New York Times when we're out on these journeys.  He's downright snobby about it.  He says you can't mix colored lights with white lights.  You can't mix light bulb sizes.  Seriously?  Light bulb sizes?  Come on babe.

Don't dare combine these big babies with little ones or the "light police" will come after you! (Source)

And people with only lights around the doorway?  Or just on a couple of bushes?  That irks him.  Irks him A LOT.  Me... I just like looking at the pretty lights.

Ha... I just saw this and HAD to laugh. (Source)

And as far as our house?  Do we decorate the outside with lights?  No.  And I find that funny, considering I'm living with the "chief" of Christmas light decor, himself.

What about you guys?  Are you particular about your outdoor Christmas lights?  Or are you like me, and just like looking at the pretty colors glowing in the dark nights of winter?

And despite our different opinions of Christmas lighting... I still can't help but love the guy! =)


  1. Hy Peggy,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Very interesting post with wonderful presentation..:)
    Tasty appetite

  2. Thank you Peggy
    lovely lights happy holidays

  3. oh this is too funny! The Big V and I drive every week about 140 miles from London to Lincolnshire and as you can imagine, during the Christmas period we pass a lot of 'Christmas Houses' as we call them... and we judge them all quite harshly with cries of 'must try harder' or ' oooh,... Christmassy!' as we whoosh past... there is one house, however, that never lets us down, year on year it gets better... I must take a piccie for you but to be honest if you just look out your window and turn to the north east you'll be able to see its glow on the horizon!

  4. I need to get my stinkin' lights up.

    I'm such a loser.

    Love peeing santa. classic.

  5. I like looking at other people's lights, but I don't have the time or energy to hang my own! Thanks for sharing, sweet girl. I hope you have a lovely afternoon! And enjoy those lights tonight.

  6. Now that's true love...haha. I just like looking at pretty lights. We don't have lights up outside. Maybe when the kiddies are old enough to ask why not then hubby will have to move his lazy arse up that ladder and put up some lights ;-)
    Love the peeing Santa - hilarious!

  7. Woww thanks for sharing..Enjoy those marvellous lights..Laughing on seeing santa..lolz.

  8. Here my hubby put lights just like the house around the coroner.we are happy at least some lights are there. funny write up. enjoy reading as usual.

  9. The last picture had me rolling too.What a sweet post..thats the way relationships are.. you dislike & like every day but still love to live under the same roof:)

  10. We just put up our tree yesterday. It still has no lights or ornaments yet, but it's up. I love Christmas lights though. Driving around my town is so much fun right before Christmas.

  11. Hi Peggy! Hahahahaa hubby doesn't like lights because they are a "fire hazard" LOL!!

    If I don't get to visit your blog until the new year (because I'm going away for the holidays and therefore will be offline), have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy holidays and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  12. Thks for sharing the beautiful pix! I love X'mas. I've set up my tree last mth & put little ornaments around the house. No fascinating lights like those above :)

    Merry X'mas to u, Peggy!

  13. LOL! That's so funny. I'm a ooh-shiny-pretty-lights girl myself too. The only thing that does irritate me is when people have various strands of blinking lights on their house & in their trees. AND NONE OF THEM BLINK INSYNC! Gah!

  14. Great write up peggy....my kids are waiting for santa...merry christmas...

  15. haha hilarious! i, too, love driving through the neighborhood looking at all the decor. which is strange because it doesnt seem to be much this year!

    i am laughing at your husband's snobbines, too. i bet my husband would be the same. we don't do lights outside our house! our bill is outrageous as it is!!!

  16. ha ha..Santa is hilarious..that was a fun read, I just couldn't stop laughing:))!
    Happy Holidays!!

    US Masala

  17. Love that santa pic! Congrats on your engagement too...
    First time here :)

  18. That is quite the Santa; who would have thought?
    We used to have Christmas lights, but now we just admired others.

  19. HAHAHHAA santa is too funny!! lovin the blog, now followin u!

  20. that Santa is hilarious! We have lights around the front doors and windows, and a few little trees that light up, along our walkway. Although you can't see them right now, with the 4 feet of snow we've gotten!

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