Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Grades Put Smiles On Faces

I'm happy to report that the Molecular Biology test I took on Tuesday yielded very good results... in the form of a 96%!  Woop woop.  Let me take a moment to just throw a little party for myself.  Okay, I'm done.  The only thing I could kick myself for was that I totally skipped a whole page on the exam!  And I knew the answers on that page!  So hell, I could have gotten a 100%!  Oh well, no harm, no foul.

And I've practically sealed an A+ in my Spanish class, too.  I think I could fail the final and still pull off an A.  So all is well there too.

Even better news, my Developmental Biology class, which I've loathed about ever since my first test... I may actually pull of a B in that!  So hey, B's are better than C's.  And I'm down with that!

I'm absolutely exhausted (really pushed myself on the treadmill today!) so no cute pictures or anything today, just thought I'd share the good news about my grades.  And thank goodness next week is finals!  I'm ready for that month off!  I really need to work a bunch and replenish all that money I've been spending on Christmas presents!

Hope you guys have a good Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow with that much anticipated recipe for a Buckeye Cake!  (So sorry to keep you all waiting so long!)


  1. Hey way to go Peggy! So proud of you for pulling off those great grades. You're every teacher's dream. I wish I had more students like you in my classes back when I used to teach.

  2. Congrats on getting good grade, Proud of you.

  3. Peggy, congrats! Give yourself a pat on the shoulder :)

    Your post reminds me of the time I struggled, burning midnite oil to study for my exams in order to teach. It was effort well worth. I scored all As in my papers & earned a distinction in teaching! I'm enjoying every bit of it now :) I agree with Lequan, u're every teacher's dream....

  4. Congrats on the A!!! Have a drink to celebrate ;-)

  5. Congratulations on your scores. I know how happy you are. When you work hard you expect good results. I've been there too.

  6. You are so good and must be so proud of yourself!
    Congratulations. I love that you shared your party with us. A toast to you and Enjoy!

  7. Congrats on your wonderful Grades, girl :)
    It puts a smile on my face too..(not mention the title of the blog put a LOL :D);)
    Nice to meet a brilliant student, who cooks, blogs and finds time to work out too :)
    Happy to meet you Peggy! :)...dont worry you are gonna get an A for dev bio too :)..
    Good Luck, dearie! :)


    You are doing it all!! Great blog, awesome grades, wedding planning- wow!!! I am so happy for you! Keep up the great work!



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