Friday, December 31, 2010

Eggnog Pancakes

I have a confession.  I've never had eggnog.  I know, blasphemy!  And honestly, after making these pancakes, I really still haven't.  I mean, the eggnog is in the batter... and these pancakes tasted AMAZING, but I still couldn't get up the courage to have a glass of the stuff.  I know getting the store-bought stuff is way different from making my own, but I think I'll stay timid from this nog for just a tad bit longer.  But I don't think I can stay away from these pancakes.  They were just the perfect way to start a lazy Sunday morning!  And who knows... this could be your hangover cure for the morning!

(Don't forget to vote in the poll... I'm making ice cream and I need some input on what flavor to try out of The Perfect Scoop!)

Adapted from Real Mom Kitchen's Recipe

Cranberry-Orange Syrup:

1 & 1/2 cups fresh cranberries
3/4 cup of sugar
3/4 cup orange juice
zest from 1 lemon
1/3 cup maple syrup


2 cups all purpose flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups egg nog
2 eggs
1/4 cup vegetable oil

In a small saucepan, combine cranberries, 3/4 cup sugar, orange juice, lemon zest, and maple syrup.  Heat under medium and bring a slow boil.  Simmer for about 15 minutes, until most of the cranberries have burst or become soft.

Remove from heat and set aside while you make the pancakes.

In a large bowl, combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

In a separate medium bowl, mix egg nog, eggs, and oil.

Add egg mixture to flour bowl.  Mix until combined - the batter will be somewhat lumpy still, but that's okay.

Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in a large skillet under medium high heat.  Ladle a decent amount of batter into the skillet and cook for about 2-3 minutes, or until bubbles form. (I like to make pretty big pancakes, but if you want them smaller, go ahead, just adjust the time by about 30 seconds to a minute less!)

Flip pancake over and cook an additional 2-3 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through.

Continue with remaining batter until you run out (I made about 6-7 giant pancakes).

Serve pancakes with butter and cranberry-orange syrup.

These pancakes were off the hook!  Seriously.  Best. Breakfast. Ever.  The eggnog provided a distinct flavor that paired perfectly with the citrus acidity of the cranberries and orange juice in the syrup.  Try these.  Now.  For Breakfast Tomorrow.  On Sunday.  Whenever.  Just try them.  I dare ya!

Well, I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years Eve!  We're not too sure whether we'll be going out or not (Andy has a little stomach bug that he can't seem to get rid of, so I might be the good little fiance and stay home with my poor little guy).  But either way, we'll be together and that's what matters!

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Anyway, help me pick out a flavor from David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop to make next week:

You didn't think I'd let you off easy with Chocolate or Vanilla did you?  I want something crazy, so crazy options is what you have to choose from!

Enjoy the weekend guys!


  1. Gosh, I had a hard time voting that one...I wanted several choices. What a neat pancake...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Mmmmm, eggnog is awesome and I these pancakes look awesome too! I think it's hilarious that you ate the pancakes but won't drink it! ;)

  3. What a creative kitchen you have! I am so impressed!

  4. What a nice hangover cure idea...I won't need it this year after hanging out with my 7 year-old nephew tonight, but I'd probably benefit from pancakes and a nap tomorrow after he leaves!

  5. Eggnog pancake looks delicious. I love the cranberry orange sauce. It is difficult to choose the flavors.

  6. Oh yeah! Seriously, egg nog pancakes with a cranberry orange syrup?! That sounds like heaven! I still have a bag of cranberries in my fridge, I think I need to make these tomorrow morning. Yummy! Happy new year! :)

  7. Eggnog! Oh dear, so delicious. These look incredible -- eggnog plus cranberry-orange? Over the top, I love it.

  8. I am with you on this, i have never tasted eggnog, i was thinking of making some this season but never got around doing it, may be next year ! Cranberry orange syrup sounds so good to try, especially so since i have a packet left in the fridge. I was thinking pickles, till i saw this. Thank you, this is my first time in your blog,will be back. Good luck with your wedding planning. Wish you an exciting year ahead, happy 2011 !

  9. why did I never think of adding egg nog to pancakes!? they sound and look amazing!!

  10. Mmmmm, eggnog pancakes with cranberries...sounds delicious and perfect for the holidays!

    Also, I highly recommend the pear-caramel ice cream. I have made it and it's AMAZING! :)

  11. Ok I vote lemon buttermilk because that is as daring as I can get. What I really love more than anything in the entire ice cream world is cinnamon icecream with oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough...yum!
    The pancakes look delicious and I have to confess I have never had eggnog either! Happy Holidays!

  12. lovely pancakes.. that cranberry orange syrup looks amazing! vibrant colour.. HAPPY NEWYEAR

  13. Very fluffy pancake, love that cranberry orange syrup, great combo and look amazing!

  14. I am starting to dislike eggnog more and more each year BUT I did use in waffle batter, and the waffles were quite epic!! I need to make a batch already!! Your pancakes looks so soft and fluffy, too! Love the cranberry orange syrup mmmm!!

    and GREAT photos! just artistic!

  15. I have been craving pancakes all morning!!!!! I need & want!!!! haha..Just found your blog and love it!!!!
    Happy New Year!

  16. Nice pancakes!:) We do not have eggnog today but if we had, my husband would have requested these now!
    I can not drink a whole glass of eggnog, so I warm up some milk and mix 2-3 tablespoons eggnog into it at night. Goes down easy!:)

  17. I don't like eggnog, but I'd be willing to try it in these pancakes! When I see people drinking it, I just cringe :)

  18. YUM, these pancakes sound amazing. Love the cranberry on them! I voted! Can't wait to see the results! Happy New Year!

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love your blog title, it's fantastic. I agree, if my BF likes my food, I think it MUST be good then!
    These pancakes sound amazing. Eggnog isn't that great by itself in my opinion, so you aren't missing much!

  20. Peggy,
    this recipe looks delicious, I hope I can try soon! Happy new year to you, full of health and recipes! :-)

  21. oh wow what a fun seasonal breakfast

    Happy New year

    love Rebecca

  22. It's ok. I've never had eggnog too :p

    Happy New Year Peggy! Look forward to your many more amazing recipes in the new year :)

  23. That topping is so good.Pancakes look yum too.happy New Year!

  24. I've never had eggnog either- it freaks me out :)
    That cran-orange syrup looks so good!

  25. Great pancake recipe Peggy:D Lovely photos as always!

  26. OMG egg nog AND pancakes - it can only be good :-) Unfortunately I can't buy egg nog here in Denmark, so I'll have to make it from scratch....

    I hope your 2011 will be a happy one!

    My best

  27. Eggnog pancakes?! WHOA I'm drooling and need breakfast now

  28. I am drooling here seeing those delicious pancakes and cran-orange sauce on top..wish you and BF a very happy new year ahead..hugs and smiles

  29. These are so perfect for breakfast. Totally decadent!

  30. Just looking at it tells me it had to be good.

  31. What a great recipe! Like you, I don't drink eggnog, but I enjoy baking with it. I think a big stack of pancakes has to be one of the most satisfying ways to start the day. I love that sauce too! Thank you so much for sharing with me.

  32. oh that is so creative and looks delicious!

  33. Wow! that looks fantastic... very nice color and .. done just right. I could eat loads of it :)

    Have a great n prosperous 2011!!

    US Masala

  34. Pancake looks delicious with cranberry orange syrup.Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  35. I would love to taste this, never have it before. Happy New Year to u!

  36. I've never had eggnog before either but the pancakes sound delicious. Happy New Year.

  37. My husband loves pancakes and this is one creative and delicious recipe! I must try it soon.
    Happy 2011!

  38. What a wonderful holiday breakfast. I can't think of a better way to start the day. I can imagine how flavorful the pancakes are and the syrup sounds delightful. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  39. oh my, these sound absolutely fabulous. I'm not a huge fan of pancakes, but I just know I would love these. Happy New Year.

  40. Oh my! I never thought about eggnog in my pancakes! These look delicious! Yum! I started making my oats with the Silk Nog and it's yummy and creamy.

  41. I'm definitely not an eggnog fan. It's just way too thick for me. I have had it in hot chocolate though and that was delicious. :-)



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