Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day Dos!

Thank you, Snow.
Well, another snow day.  I'm kind of glad this time.  I really wasn't feeling going to class tonight. 

Although, I haven't been completely lazy since I've been home from work.

I've been watching Big.  You know, Tom Hanks.  He's pretty cool, in my opinion.  And Big... it's actually one of my favorite movies, even if it is somewhat cheesy.

And I'm making tomato soup.  I figure, with all the snow, I'm in a soup mood.  And what goes great with tomato soup?  Grilled cheese, of course!  I just love dipping it in the soup!  Way delicious!  Anybody else do that?  Or am I just weird? 

Oh, and to top it all off... I'll be buried in Biochemistry notes for the next few days.  Must. Do. Well.
Positive thinking should get me through right?  Right.

Anyway... have a great rest of your Thursday guys!  Me, Tom Hanks, and Biochemistry will be having a date night. =)

The pictures are colorful... but the information, not so much. =)

P.S.  My sister hooked me up with a media pass to Desserts First (basically a Louisville event that has a bunch of Louisville chef's making desserts out of Girl Scout Cookies... sounds pretty awesome to me!)  And I get to take pictures that may end up in her article!  Meaning I may get a "by-line" by my photos if they're good enough!  Cool, eh!  Will update you guys further when I know more! 


  1. Fact: Grilled cheese was made to be dipped in soup :)

  2. Er...I'll pass on the biochem, but this sounds like otherwise a perfect snow day. Tomato soup and grilled cheese. Can anything be better?

  3. Ooo, I can't wait to see your footage of the Desserts First event... sounds like a winner to me!

  4. Oooh, Desserts First sounds so fun. Have a great time!

  5. BAH biochem! I somehow made it through that alive -- best of luck love!

    Tom Hanks is my bff =) lol

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. How much fun that you get to take photos for Desserts First! I can't wait to hear more...and it sounds like you spent your snow day well. There is nothing better than soup and movies on a cold day.

  7. Good luck to your studies & I need snow in my country - Singapore! U have a great day too!

  8. wow...lovely post...beautiful click..first time here...happy to follow u..
    do stop by mine sometime.
    Tasty appetite

  9. Big is such a classic movie. Glad you got a snow day to stay home and enjoy! Can you swing me a ticket to the Desserts First? ;)

  10. I do not miss biochem at all!!!! I haven't seen BIG in forever! and i'm super jealous of your snow day-it doesn't matter how bad we get trampled-no snow days:(

  11. Biochem was by far one of my hardest classes! You'll do great though. It just requires a ton of study time. I love Tom Hanks! Big is one of my faves too :)

  12. Big is classic movie, i like most of Tom Hanks movies expect last few ones. snow looks beautiful.



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