Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Dog Is A Hoarder...

Yep... this is really how she likes it.
Have you guys seen that show Hoarders?  Andy and I were browsing Netflix the other day and the only thing that appealed to us was Hoarders.  We'd never seen it before, but had heard people talk about it plenty of times, so we decided to give it a go.  And now we're addicted.  And now we realize that our dog, Mocha, suffers from hoarding.

Seriously, we clean up the house, but all of her toys neatly into her little fire hydrant storage tub, and no sooner than the last toy ends up in the thing, they're all back out.  Scattered all over the living room.  On her dog bed.  Like she's holding them hostage.  And of course, she won't let you throw the toys away.  So yes, she's a dog hoarder.  But I guess we'll have to have an intervention soon enough.  Who knows, you may see her on the show soon enough.

All kidding aside, my brain is on Spanish overdrive right now.  I've got a quiz today and a test next week, but good thing this chapter is all about Food!  And guess how I'm studying?  I'm Google-Translating almost every blog post I read into Spanish!  Am I weird or what?  But hey, it works!  So I'm outta here to do some more studying before class... have a great Tuesday!


  1. That is a great idea (reading blogs in espanol', that will deffinetly help)!!

    Good luck on your quiz and test!!

    p.s., I had a cat who would lay on everything.. if there was a magazine on the floor, she claimed it!! Not quite the same as hoarding, but you gotta love the personalities of animals!!

  2. You just made me almost fall off my chair. Your dog is hilarious!!!!! Buena suerte!!

  3. your dog is really funny. love you idea of learning new language.

  4. Mocha. rocks.

    oh and that show "hoarders" I seriously. cannot. watch. it.

    puke. seriously.

  5. Hoarders makes me crazy to watch, but I just can't stop once I start!! The fact that your doggie is hoarding has me giggling pretty hard over here! :)

  6. Your dog is too funny. Translating food blogs sounds like a fantastic and fun way to study your Spanish. I should do that to keep up with my Portuguese.

  7. OMG I am so addicted to that show too! My friend Katie and I will actually discuss episodes of it together. It's so fascinating that people live like that! Cute picture of your dog. My dogs tend to hoard all of their toys in different locations as well. Currently the toy hoard is under and around the kitchen table. Like yours, they refuse too let a single toy stay IN the toy basket. I pick up all of the toys when I am going to vacuum and it's always fun to watch them dig everything back out afterwards. Silly dogs! Good lick on your test!

  8. haha that is such a funny picture. usually I don't like pet posts but this one is wonderful. good luck!

  9. bahahahahaha!!!!! LOVE IT! My ferrets do this too! and the cat and boy ferret line their toys by type in a straight line. Weirdos!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  10. Haha your dog is so funny! Good luck on your test :)

  11. I've seen that show, it's so shocking how some people live. I think you're dog is a small time hoarder, so you're safe for now :) Good luck studying!

  12. Good luck studying...and yes, I've seen that show once or twice. Crazy stuff, huh? I love the picture of your sweet pooch. So funny :-) Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. May the middle of your week be full of joy and laughter.

  13. Ha! I love the pup! Lying there so innocently, content with all his stuff ...

    And that's a great idea for the Spanish studying. I wish I had been clever enough to think of inventive ways to study. Or, for that matter, had studied at all.

  14. how cute, I watch that show all the time..it really suprises me with ervery episode...good luck with your test and great idea to translate into spanish...thanks for stopping by!

  15. Hey peggy! The party is open until Sunday if you'd still like to link up! =) you can choose any day to photograph <3 Lots of people are still working on theirs! =)

    Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

  16. That sounds like a great way to practice your spanish! It sure can't hurt :)

    How funny about your dog---security found in "stuff"...I can see how that happens!



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