Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just a Random Post

Today has been raining cats and dogs!  And on top of it... it's been freezing!  Well... 47 degrees is freezing to me, anyway.

I don't know why I always randomly bring up the weather and complain about it... maybe it's my niche.  Ha... or not.

I thought I'd just post some random funny pictures I had on my camera because I didn't really have a post in mind for today.  And I figured I'd bring the mood up a little from this dreary weathered day!

Hi, my name is Andy.  And I'm a psycho.

 So yeah, that is Andy, and this is what he does when he's angry.  Ha... not really.  I just caught him off-guard while he was washing the dishes and he decided to threaten me.  Little does he know, I hold the higher hand here.

My name is Mocha... I eat random things on the ground.
 This is our dog Mocha.  I always seem to catch her looking dumb-founded in photos.  I think right here she's thinking "mom, please stop being crazy and taking oodles of pictures of me.  I just want to eat some leaves."  Yeah... I'm pretty sure that's what's circling around in her mind right here.

First time ever that Andy has worn a tie!

Now this isn't goofy, but I wanted to include it because this is the first time I've ever seen Andy wear a tie!  So handsome, eh?  And I'm pretty sure I'm framing this one and giving it to Andy's parents as one of their Christmas gifts because I know Andy's mom has been wanting a picture of the two of us!

Well, I know it was kind of a random post, but sometimes you need to get the random things out!  And I've been at the gym for the past 2 hours so I was exhausted and this was easy to put together!  Hehe... well... see you guys tomorrow for a recipe!


  1. You make a gorgeous couple! It's been unseasonably hot here. Hope you have a nicer day tomorrow!

  2. haha...sometimes random posts are the best kind!! cute photos :). you have an awesome blog here! thanks for your comment :)

  3. You and Andy make such a beautiful couple...and I loved seeing these "random" photographs. Such great stuff. I know that moving to Texas has changed my interpretation of cold...it is 45 degrees outside, and I feel like it is freezing!

  4. Great photos Peggy, especially the one with the two of you. Lovely couple.

  5. That picture of you and Andy is beautiful. You guys really do make a gorgeous couple. If only our men wore more ties, eh? And yes, he is quite the handsome fella. Very different from his psycho picture...lol.

  6. You two are beautiful!!!!

    I loooove your dog- haha! "There she goes again!" My children used to fight the camera, but now they ASK me to take their photos. If your dog does that...it may be a little creepy.

    The weather around here has been weird, too. We have spring-like to winter-like within a week. Silly Germany.

  7. You make a gorgeous couple.
    Thanks for sharing the photos ♥

  8. Yesterday was so rainy that it deserves some serious randomness. And I'm pretty random as far as it goes so I can totally appreciate this. you guys are so cute together!

  9. You guys make gorgeous couple. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  10. Andy does look handsome in his tie. Matthew rarely ever wears them himself. So when he does it's a nice change.

    I think it is natural to complain about the weather - when it's cold, you want it hot, and when it's hot, you long for the cold! It's getting chillier here, too... sigh...

  11. One of my dogs is an expert at grabbing gross things to chomp on mid-walk! I walk her at a pretty brisk pace, but before I know it she's grabbed something (acorn, leaf, poop) and is going to town on it!



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