Thursday, October 14, 2010

Destination Weddings... Bringing Families Together... Literally.

Well, I figure my first non-fooded related post should have to be about our vacation.  I mean, I hardly talked about it in yesterday's post, so it's only fair, right?!  And especially since I can't resist showing you all how HOT I looked at the wedding... but not hotter than the bride, of course.  That would just be rude, right?  Right.

He's such a goober, but I love him =)
Anyway, we traveled 30+ hours roundtrip for this little shindig... that's more than 1 day's worth of driving!  Not fun... definitely next time we head to Florida, it will be via airplane... or teleport.  Whichever is cheaper.

But we went to Jensen Beach, Florida.  You don't know where that is, do you?  Nobody really did when I told them that that was where we were headed.  But basically, it's by Port St. Lucie, which is on the Atlantic coast and the practically the whole family rented out every condo from the River Palms Cottages.  Yeah, we owned the place for 3 days.  Labors and Farleys only.  It was sweet. 
The fishing dock that was basically right outside our condo
The property had starfruit growing in the trees!

Our first day there, we spent exploring our sights.  We ate at a little Cajun restaurant near the river and ventured over to the actual beach.  I'm a little weary of beaches sometimes, especially when there are high waves around.  It's kind of a personal issue, so maybe I won't talk about why just quite yet... maybe on November 13th.  We'll see.  Anyway... I digress.
the waves rolling in
So we went to the beach, built sandcastles, and headed out to a family dinner.  Not too shabby.

My sister Frances and her boyfriend Lonnie (who looks pretty goofy here)
Next day, the rehearsal day.  It was just about a 10 minute rehearsal, just to make sure everybody knew what they were doing for the big day.  Then for about 30 people, my brother did a 'Low Country Boil'... which is basically boiling a bunch of crab legs, corn cobs, potatoes, and shrimp and serving it on an open table.  Unique idea, and quite popular in Savannah, Georgia and coastal cities.   I love me some crab legs, so you know I was all for it!

I really only like this picture because it shows my tattoo =)
I knew where my spot was
And then, the big day.  10-10-10.  The Labor/Farley Wedding.  It was amazing.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect, I actually felt and looked like a girl (I clean up pretty nicely, I might add), and the bride and groom were all smiles all day.  And my family didn't act ridiculous or obnoxious.  Score, score, and score!

They're so perfect!
I like this because everybody is anxiously awaiting the bride!

I'm definitely ready for a drink at this point

Me, my sisters, my neice, and the bride & groom!

Their first dance... you can tell they're extremely happy!

Andy and I (this is the first time I've ever seen him in a tie in the 3 years we've been together!)

My cooky parents and my sisters!

Me and the bride

My brother!
I do!

Well, hope you guys enjoyed my vacation pictures!  And hope you like my new doses of something different!  Tomorrow's Friday so it'll be a recipe day and I've got a good one lined up!!


  1. The bride looks beautiful...but so do you! That blue is such stunning color on you. And what a wonderful wedding weekend! I love the idea of getting away to somewhere beautiful to celebrate someone's very special day. Thanks for sharing love.

  2. Great pictures. Looks like everyone had fun! The location seems like a good choice, never been there!

    Now waiting on your next post:)

  3. beautiful photos! There must be a record number of weddings on 10/10/10!



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