Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Club Success and Ask Peggy

I'm pretty excited to say that the first meeting of Book Club was quite a success.  We discussed more of the book than I thought we would, which shouldn't really surprise me because, after all... it is a book club.  Next month's read is "Running With Scissors," which I'm pretty sure is a movie too???  But before I look that up, I'm definitely going to start with the book.  More often than not, the book is almost ALWAYS better than the movie, anyway.  Just my opinion.  I can't wait until I get a chance to pick the book, I've got a few in mind, and of course, most of them have to deal with food or food-related topics!  What about you guys?  Do you read often?  If so, what are you reading now?  Any suggestions for Book Club books?

And so to the "Ask Peggy" portion of this post title.  Inspired by a couple of questions posted by Sommer from A Mama With Flavor (check out her blog, she's really awesome!) in a little "tagging" going around right now, I figured... maybe you guys do need/want to know a little more about little old me.

So Sommer's questions were as follows:

What's your favorite pizza topping?
- I'd have to say, that when dealing with pizza... the simpler the better.  I love a good white pizza, and probably my favorite part of it is the fact that ricotta cheese is sporatically on the pie!
Mayonnaise? Yay or ick?
- I'm definitely on the "ick" side on it.  Yes, I  use mayonnaise in things (I don't completely avoid it), but if asked if I want it as a condiment on things... I definitely pass.
Which cuisine inspires you the most?
- I'd have to say I lean towards Pan-Asian dishes, but really... all dishes inspire me in some aspect.
What's your staple dessert?
 - I don't think I have a "staple," but something Andy does wish I made more of is probably cheesecake.  But that's only when he's been good. =)

What is your best kitchen triumph?
- Actually sticking with it!  I'm one of those people that has tried every single hobby in the book, and at some point, just give up because I'm unamused or uninterested.  But cooking, is my exception.  I'm not bored, and I don't ever think I will be, so just sticking with it, and continuing to learn in the kitchen is a great triumph to me!

What are your favorite staple ingredients?
- Can't live without kosher salt, soy sauce, olive oil, hoisin sauce, and lemons.  With all or some of those things, you can always make something spectacular no matter what else you have!

Did you always cook or did it come to you later in life?
- I definitely thought of cooking later in life.  If you were to ask me in high school what kind of person I would be today, I would laugh at you if you told me I'd be a domesticated fiancee living with 2 dogs.  We even talked about this at Book Club last night, that out of all of my friends, I'm the most domesticated and they never would have guessed it.  I was always the girl doing weird things, making up stupid routines during softball practice (the Ostrich walk and the Spiderman), getting down in the middle of math class and licking the floor just because someone told me too (yeah, not my finest moment)... so yeah, cooking has definitely come to me later in life... but I am SO glad to have it.  It's brought me closer to people I love and really given me a creative outlet to share with others!

Who's your favorite chef? TV or restaurant.
- Hands down... John Varanese.  He's a local chef, here in Louisville, and by far is the most consistent.  I have never had a bad experience at his restaurant and I love the fact that every time I have gone there, he comes out and makes his rounds to make sure every table is enjoying their meal and to just chat a little with his patrons.  I like it because he doesn't just talk to the tables that look like they're full of big spenders or "important" people.  Young or old... he makes sure you're enjoying yourself, and I love that.

Varanese also has a local cable show about different local food ingredients that's pretty awesome, too!
So thanks to Sommer for "tagging" me!  Hope you guys enjoyed my answers, and I know the proper thing to do is "tag" other bloggers, but instead, I'm just going to let you guys share something about yourself in my comments (if you want to, that is!)
Enjoy the day guys... I'll be crossing my fingers that my softball team advances to the next round of the City Tournament tonight!  Be back tomorrow with a recipe!


  1. Nice reading more about you. Btw, thanks for dropping by at my blog. ;)

  2. I have an award for you. Please check out my blog :)

  3. I haven't read this book -thanks for the info!

  4. I'm not a big mayo fan either! Thank you for sharing yourself with us...and I'm so glad to hear that your book club was a success! The Glass Castle is another great memoir. You should check it out. I'm sorry I've been a bit absent lately...we've been dealing with so much with baby Ryan.

  5. I've heard of this book, but never read it. Let us know how you like it! I was in a book club before we moved 2 weeks ago. Hope to join one again soon. Love books!

    A Reliable Wife by Goolrick was quite interesting that we read. I heard Water For Elephants is great and Three Cups of Tea.



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