Thursday, September 1, 2011

Danville, KY - A Hidden Gem

You might have remembered last week, when I said I was meeting up with a few other Kentucky Food Bloggers.  I had such an amazing time, and thanks to Adam from the Danville Boyle Co Convention & Visitors Bureau, we were set up with a culinary tour of Danville, KY.

Now let's get one thing straight.  Before this planned meet-up, I'd honestly never heard of Danville, KY.  Well, I only know of one story that Andy has told me about how, when he was in a band in his early 20's, they played a show at a Centre College (which is in Danville) frat house.  They were-in turn banned from Centre due to leaving a few prohibited things around - a.k.a. kegs of beer/beer bottles.  Why such a harsh punishment?  Well, up until May 2010, Danville was a "dry" city - meaning no purchasing of alcohol (which is a little crazy right?)  So since the law was passed to declare Danville "wet", the city has blossomed with a few new restaurants and pubs - something us foodies were ready and willing to explore!

Our first stop?  V the Market.  It was a quaint little shop full of wine bottles, loads of different kinds of beer (many sold by the bottle, not the 6-pack - which is a sure sign you'll find great beer), bourbons, hand-picked cheeses, chocolates, and other gourmet treats.

Next was Mermaids where we enjoyed sipping on two different types of signature cocktails - the Porch Punch & Mermaid Punch.  Both were delicious and unique!  Definitely made me want to lounge around on a beach somewhere with one of those in hand!  We were also served a small plate of 3 different appetizer-type dishes: prosciutto-wrapped prawn, slice of local beef,  and a cucumber-wrapped slice of ahi tuna with a wasabi sauce.  All three of which were mighty tasty!

Then we headed to 303W where we were greeted with a table full of appetizer selections.  It was an old-fashioned pool hall (pool tables were in the back) and definitely had the feel of a laid back, sit down and have a beer-type bar.  The appetizer selections were tasty, especially the soft pretzel breadsticks - yummo!

Next we dove into the local pizza joint, Bluegrass Pizza & Pub - which definitely had similarities to Louisville's own Wick's Pizza (which isn't my favorite because I'm a New York, thin slice-pizza kinda gal) - but Bluegrass was definitely spot-on with their traditional-style pizza and I would prefer them to Wick's any day.  Sorry Wick's! 

Then came my personal favorite stop of the night, The Beer Engine.  I mean, the location of this place says it all - if you didn't know it was there, you'd be sorry because you'd be missing out!  It's kind of secluded in the back area of a parking lot, with just an emblem of a skull and "hops"-bones marking the door.  The logo is sheer awesomeness in my opinion.  We got to do a tasting of a few beers that they had on tap (and they had quite a selection!), and all were mighty tasty.  This is definitely the kind of place you can find yourself hanging out with friends over a few beers on a regular basis!

We ended the night at The Hub Coffee House & Cafe.  While I didn't indulge in any coffee, we winded down, ate cupcakes from The Twisted Sifter and chatted with eachother about our night.  We were given goodie bags from Karamel Kreations & Burke's Bakery Delicatessen - and I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures of the contents of the bags - I snacked on the goodies during my hour and a half trip home!  I couldn't resist!

For our first meet-up, I thought this was successful night!  I got to meet an amazing group of people - all unique in their own ways - and we all got to share in a tour of one of Kentucky's hidden gems of a city - Danville.  Seriously, if you're in Kentucky, or driving through Kentucky - Danville is well worth a visit!  I know I'll be back!

And I want to take a moment to thank Mindy from The World in My Kitchen (who has a great review up on her blog, as well!) and Adam from the Danville Boyle Co Convention & Visitors Bureau for setting this whole evening up and letting us experience Danville!


  1. Wow....all the food looked amazing! I bet you had a GREAT time visiting with everyone! The soft pretzel breadsticks look absolutely divine!

  2. The gourmet tread is what I like the most, I am sure there must be plenty others besides the one you have shared it.

    I will also go for these tread rather than one big meal as its varieties that I enjoy and of course the liquor and beer.

  3. Lots of delicious must have had some quality time with them.

  4. Looks good enough for a road trip! What a fun time for foodies :)

  5. What a fun time you had; great description of what you experienced.

  6. And Peggy, you win the award for having travelled the furthest to join us! Thanks for coming! :-)

  7. That's awesome! I'd love to do a food tour around here but there are just too many places to choose from!

    Amy @ A Little Nosh

  8. Yum! The pretzel breadsticks caught my eye! Those look delicious.

  9. I'm sorry I missed it! It looks and sounds like you guys had a great time. Maybe I'll get to meet you in October at the Food Expo thing at Rupp!

  10. holy cow! look at that market!! can you say food and drink lovers dream??

  11. Thanks for the kind words!



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