Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Smell Is Intoxicating...

Okay.  Seriously.  My house smells awesome right now.  2 words.  Beef Tenderloin.  2 more words.  Roasted Apples.  Weird combination?  Yes, I know.  But I'm convinced it works!

I've been pretty fatigued this week.  It's been stressful at work (once again, people don't like showing up to work, causing double the workload for many of us there).

I'm ready for the weekend, that's for sure.  I'm off tomorrow so it'll be some much needed catching up to do (I've got to build a webpage by Monday morning, so I'll be busy doing that - p.s. I'm loving learning how to use Dreamweaver.  Who knows, after this school project, I may have to redesign the site and self-host... but that's a project for when I have TONS of time on my hands, and right now, that is NOT the case.)

See you guys tomorrow for a pretty tasty recipe!  Happy Thursday night!

Oh!  One more p.s.  Our photographer contacted us yesterday about our engagement picture session.  Two words.  Cake.  Fight.  Intrigued?  So are we!


  1. Beef and roasted apple...Not too bad in combination...Definitely NOT intoxicating to me :D

    Hope that you will enjoy your engagement picture session...

  2. Two words here. No. Fair.

    =) Have fun with your photos!

  3. Cake fight!!!! :D And for the record, beef tenderloin and roasted apples sound pretty awesome together to me!

  4. I loooooove the smell of warm apples!!!! All the candles all over our house is apple cinnamon-so yummy!!! I'm jealous you've got the real thing going on!

  5. Cake fight? How fun! I can't wait to see these lovely eats tomorrow night. Thanks for sharing, sweet girl!

  6. I cannot wait to see those pictures! What a cute idea!

  7. That is such an unusual combo but sounds good. Can't wait to see your next yummy post.....

  8. can you run around the kitchen with a jar and seal the smell in and post it to me please? or maybe make a candle from it?....mmmm beef candle!

  9. Hi Peggy, there is nothing more appealing on this planet Earth than the sight of a beautiful mother, wife or sweetheart in the act of cooking for a loved one.
    Have fun and happy cooking...sometimes the way to a man's heart is via his tummy.
    Keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards, Lee.

  10. Dayum!! Beef tenderloin and apples sounds very intriguing- I want to try!

    Sorry your week's been so stressful. Must be something in the air, same thing around here :( I hope you have a great weekend! You deserve it :)

    I can not wait to see your engagement photos- you two seem like an awesome couple!! My husband and I would so do that...perhaps reenact one of our first dates featuring an A1 sauce uniform...long story hehe! Again, have a rockin and relaxing weekend!

  11. Hi Peggy, thanks so much for your kind words about my photography! I thought about making a heart-shaped pizza for my boyfriend but we ended up getting some take-out. Oh well!



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