Friday, November 6, 2009

Links 11-6-09

What a week. I've been a pretty cynical person all week, and I must say, I'm so glad it's Friday. I need to just chill out for a couple days and find an outlet to relieve all this stress! I know... cook! I'm happy that it's about to be my week to cook because it always seems to be the only true moment when I can't complain about ANYTHING. Anybody feel the same way???

Here's this week's set of links:

Lumpia - What's Lumpia? Well... it's the Filipino version of eggrolls, which in my opinion are the only way eggrolls should be made. This is pretty much to the tee how my mother makes these and am so surprised and glad I stumble upon this blog!

Food Time Line - Ever wonder when some of our favorite foods came into existence? Well this food time line is a loose basis for that! I still can't believe ice cream was invented before fried chicken.

Dexter Slides
- Ever watch the show Dexter? Well he's this serial killer who likes to keep these slides of a drop of each of his victim's blood. Cool idea for a halloween treat right? Right.

Bill Cosby Portrait - not only is this a portrait of Bill Cosby... but it's entirely made up of jell-o shots. How humorous is that. I thought so.

Tiramisu - this has got to be one of my favorite desserts and Pioneer Woman just goes into such in-depth detail on it that I had to share. I want some now!

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  1. That link to the lumpia is making my mouth water! And the portrait of Bill Cosby in jello shots was kinda cool! Finally, tiramisu is also one of my all-time fav desserts .. IF it's made well, of course.



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